Welcome to Blue Lady Group Ltd.

Originally formed in 1989, in 2000 the company became Blue Lady Group Ltd. The business then was a purely transport-based company. However the company moved forward with Transport Related Consultancy and management services and still has this function within its structure today, as well as being involved with all types of transportation and transport in general.

Stewart Butcher, majority shareholder, has been within the industry for over 45 years and still holds a Class 1 licence as well as a number of qualifications related to the transport industry. The company has diversified into a number of other strains of business including management of Clinical Waste as well as General Waste Handling. We are also aware of the new legislation that will have an effect on Green Leases so we are working in partnership with a number of organisation to help support property owners to ensure they are fully compliant by 2030.

The business also has a department for Property Management and Maintenance and we also manage building and management projects for a number of landlords. The company is extremely diversified, however each department is fully committed in delivering a credible service to all of its partners, landlords, and tenants. We have a strong heritage with over 30 years trading in Surrey and surrounding counties.

email us: info@blueladygroup.co.uk